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Peachtree Corners

PTC_logoPeachtree Corners is the newest city in Gwinnett County, incorporated on July 1, 2012 through an act of the Georgia State legislature and approved by the voters of the area. It is currently the largest city in the county in both terms of geographic size and population. To learn more about Peachtree Corners and current issues and activities visit these websites:

City of Peachtree Corners

Peachtree Corners Business Association

United Peachtree Corners Civic Association

A History of Peachtree Corners


norcross240.2Evolving as one of the first railroad stops north of Atlanta in the 1800’s with over 100 years of history the city continues to evolve today around the thriving revitalized historic downtown Norcross business district. With it’s quaint shops, unique restaurants, art galleries and parks both residents and visitors alike enjoy a wide variety of activities and events throughout the year. To learn more about Norcross and current events and activities visit these websites:

City of Norcross

Downtown Norcross

A History of Norcross

Berkeley Lake

City-of-Berkeley-Lake-Logo1Founded as a city in the 1950’s around the namesake lake, Berkeley Lake has a diverse mix of residents and businesses that are committed to preserving the lake, the dam and the surrounding areas in their community. To learn more about Berkeley Lake and the current events and activities visit these websites:

City of Berkeley Lake

A History of Berkeley Lake

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